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For my example, I posted a short comment on a article on another blog, with a page rank of 4 / Alexa ranking of 1,465,263 this morning and now, I’ve already gained 3 unique hits from a 30 second posting job. You do gain traffic from posting on other people blogs, although you will not […]

That is a great question. I don’t think that you should ever have to pay to gain access to information, although many people do and I sell it them to, although at the end of the day, the internet is information and you can find anything you’ll find in any eBook on the internet, somewhere. […]

I’m not on about a “rough idea”, I mean a full year plan on your website/blog. Where you describe everything you want to achieve and when. Your goals. How your going to get to your goals. Dates you want to achieve your goals. When your going to upgrade to V2/V3/V4 When your going to change […]

A lot of people say that planning a website is the most important part of website design and creation, I have to agree. Planning your website is a must. Every single website which I haven’t planned out before has always failed, why? Because I didn’t think about what I was going to do, how I […]

Their are two primary ways which you can make money from your website: – Building a website up & selling it – Advertising for other people, using adsence etc. Now if you build up a website which earns $100/month for say two months, that’ll sell for $200 give or take, because in three months the […]

It’s vital to know a good idea of how much you are able to earn before starting a new method, with siteflipping their is a rule. “The more you invest, the more you can make” Now, this doesn’t always apply, because of the nature of siteflipping, it’s also very risky, but if you invest $10.00 […]