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For my example, I posted a short comment on a article on another blog, with a page rank of 4 / Alexa ranking of 1,465,263 this morning and now, I’ve already gained 3 unique hits from a 30 second posting job. You do gain traffic from posting on other people blogs, although you will not […]

To get started with HTML, you need to know the following information! A folder, also known as a “dir” which stands for directory. You should setup a folder to hold all of the files for that website, so all the HTML files, images etc. This will make everything a lot more orginised and it makes […]



SEO is a huge topic to cover really, you earn big money with this, I mean $100-$1,000 per day if you know what you are doing and can clients. Webmasters will pay a lot to get high page ranks and to get hits from search websites. My best advice would to be to invest in […]