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For my example, I posted a short comment on a article on another blog, with a page rank of 4 / Alexa ranking of 1,465,263 this morning and now, I’ve already gained 3 unique hits from a 30 second posting job. You do gain traffic from posting on other people blogs, although you will not […]

Directories are the best place to post, like article directories, they improve your traffic by a lot, but can take a long time and a lot of waiting to do, but it’s worth it for amount of traffic you can gain, providing you have good articles/content. Writing an article for another website (You can earn […]

This is related to optimization which is done on your website. Friendly URLS. For example: Will have better optimization then: Spiders look for keywords in the URL as well as the page! Remember that! The title has a lot, spiders also take the title as a keyword, a major one, so you want […]