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Directories are the best place to post, like article directories, they improve your traffic by a lot, but can take a long time and a lot of waiting to do, but it’s worth it for amount of traffic you can gain, providing you have good articles/content. Writing an article for another website (You can earn […]

This is related to optimization which is done on your website. Friendly URLS. For example: Will have better optimization then: Spiders look for keywords in the URL as well as the page! Remember that! The title has a lot, spiders also take the title as a keyword, a major one, so you want […]

After you’ve done everything listed in the last post, you will want to get some traffic back to your website, a bit of SEO work. You can check out the SEO section for some tips on this. You really just want to increase the unique hits to your website, if you get 500 unique hits/per […]



SEO is a huge topic to cover really, you earn big money with this, I mean $100-$1,000 per day if you know what you are doing and can clients. Webmasters will pay a lot to get high page ranks and to get hits from search websites. My best advice would to be to invest in […]