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More and more people are getting into “niche blogging”, which is basicly creating a blog on a very specific topic, packing it with information, submiting it to Stumble/Digg, adding some Keywords/tags and leaving it to run. Now the great thing about this is, if you do it correctly, the blog will just gain traffic, not […]

Affiliate marketing, is basicly online-marketing, it’s the same thing near engouth, although with affillate marketing, you sell the products for a company, which isn’t your own company, they handle all the shipping, payment, complaints. You get paid for every sale you make, for example, if a digital camera is $100, you sell it for $150 […]

This is the hardest part, you really want to the article as long as possible, once¬† you’ve finished the article, re-read it and try to make everything “longer”. This is a primary skill when bulking out articles, for example “2” can be replaced with “two”. It’s a skill, I’m quite good at it myself, but […]

Of course that making money online without a website is still around, obvisouly a website will gain you more money in the long run, you can earn faster money with the articles and methods that I post, but for the hours you put it overall, you earn more with websites, but that requires a lot […]