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It’s vital to know a good idea of how much you are able to earn before starting a new method, with siteflipping their is a rule. “The more you invest, the more you can make” Now, this doesn’t always apply, because of the nature of siteflipping, it’s also very risky, but if you invest $10.00 […] I’d personally suggest you buy everything from Digital Point forums, because everything is so much cheaper then, then you can resell it on the other websites for a bit more, on HostBidder you are paid in points though, but they can be exchanged for cash so it’s ok. You can also […]

After you’ve done everything listed in the last post, you will want to get some traffic back to your website, a bit of SEO work. You can check out the SEO section for some tips on this. You really just want to increase the unique hits to your website, if you get 500 unique hits/per […]

The first thing you need to do after buying the site, is changing all the passwords, obvisouly, all the recovry questions and what not, after that you need to check for some main key factors in why the site is no longer as popular. Out-dated content. Out-dated script updates. Poor scripting/coding. Poor template. These are […]

Basic knowagle on web servers. How web hosting works. How domains work. How to use cPanel / FTP. Marketing. You also need to know a good amount in these web progamming languages: HTML PHP MYSQL JavaScript I wouldn’t suggest you start even thinking about siteflipping until you can do all of this, without these skills […]