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HTML works in a very simple format of using tags, for example <b>bold</b>, you just need to learn about these tags and how to use them and you can code HTML very easily! <BR> – This tells your browser to go to the next line down, for example when you want to start a new […]

To get started with HTML, you need to know the following information! A folder, also known as a “dir” which stands for directory. You should setup a folder to hold all of the files for that website, so all the HTML files, images etc. This will make everything a lot more orginised and it makes […]

HTML stands for hyper text markup language Let’s break that down a bit more. Hyper You’ll of probably heard this word used in a term of “Hyperactive” for example “A hyperactive child”, or “a hyper child”, which is basicly saying the child is a very active child and when you have a amount of sugar […]