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Their are three main ways to sell your eBook – On a website. – To another website (You can get money/sale or you sell it to them and they can sell it on) – Sell it yourself, on instant messengers and forums. I’ll start with selling it on your own website, now I wouldn’t suggest […]

Most people use Microsoft word, but this means it’s easy to change/edit/steal your eBook, so I suggest you use protected PDFS.  I suggest you use a CutePDF. ( ) The reason for this being, you can’t easily edit a PDF file, plus PDF files include the images and everything all compressed, unlike word, it’s […]

eBook Writing


You need to find a eBook topic that people will pay for, for example money-making guides that offer you the chance to make your money back within 24 hours or so are great-hits. The great thing about ebooks is, you can resell them again and again. I’d suggest you selling them on Forums and websites. […]

eBook Writing


This is much alike article writing, apart from. You need to write a lot more. You will earn a lot more. You also need to learn about product marketing. You need to know quite a bit about the topic of the eBook. Apart from that, it’s really the same, you think “eBook”, the format PDF […]