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Long Term Work is better if you enjoy writing about the niche, for example if you enjoy writing about tech, find somebody who needs daily articles for their tech-blog, you enjoy writing it and your also earning quite a bit of money by doing so. I write for $0.01/per word and I’m earning $30+/week from […]

This is a question that I’ve always wanted to know the answer to, the only time I would ever buy content from another person is if I was going to sell it on for more (Also known as outsourcing contacts, we have a section on it) – But why do webmasters buy content, why can’t […]

This is the hardest part, you really want to the article as long as possible, onceĀ  you’ve finished the article, re-read it and try to make everything “longer”. This is a primary skill when bulking out articles, for example “2” can be replaced with “two”. It’s a skill, I’m quite good at it myself, but […]

When article writing, you should always accept jobs, even if you don’t know about the topic, the reason why? You can easily research the topic on Google, for example if it’s on Cooking, you can just google Cooking and find loads of information, just read it and type it up inĀ  your own words. This […]

Article Writing


When I first started making money online, this was my main method of income, becuase it’s always in demand. Why? Because a website needs unique content, if the website is earning engouth to spend a few dollars here and there to get updated content, why would the webmaster waste some time writing articles? Sometimes they […]