Long Term Work Is Better If…


Long Term Work is better if you enjoy writing about the niche, for example if you enjoy writing about tech, find somebody who needs daily articles for their tech-blog, you enjoy writing it and your also earning quite a bit of money by doing so. I write for $0.01/per word and I’m earning $30+/week from writing 3 articles per day in my spare time.

Most webmasters are always looking for long term workers, so you should always mention that you are able to work for a longer period of time, most webmasters are fine with sending you weekly/monthly payments for that weeks/months work, which is also another great way to do so.

If I was to write for 10 websites, 3 times a day each, I would earn $300+/week, now this may not seem a lot, but it’s 3000 words I have to write, to earn myself a nice $300/week. Now if you can earn this kind of money, in two weeks you’ve got engouth to invest into a website of some sort and then your able to start off your full-time online career.

This is one of the reasons I love article-writing, simply because, it’s a great way to start off online-work!


One Response to “Long Term Work Is Better If…”

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