What Are Proxy Networks


A proxy network, is basicly a number of different proxy-websites, hosted under different IP addresses/domain names (Filters block the domain and most of the time the IP as well)

You useally have a “home” page, where you type in the web page, then your redirected to one of the proxy websites, this means you can run 100 proxy websites and only need to submit one to top sites and what not (More on this in another post)

The keyword “Proxy” is used a lot in Google, so SEO is a failing method of gaining traffic to your proxy, the main methods at the moment as I see is, off-line advertising (Telling your friends, “go to http://www.site.com you go on myspace at school/work/collage”) and toplists – If you can get your website on #1 on a toplist the amount of traffic you will gain is unrealistic.


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