Running more then one blog


More and more people are getting into “niche blogging”, which is basicly creating a blog on a very specific topic, packing it with information, submiting it to Stumble/Digg, adding some Keywords/tags and leaving it to run. Now the great thing about this is, if you do it correctly, the blog will just gain traffic, not at a very fast-rate, but it’ll gain traffic.

The annoying part about this is, you really want to update all of your blogs at least once a day, that’s quite hard when you have ran out of information to say, which is very easy to do with Niche-blogging because it only covers one topic, unlike this blog which covers money making, all the methods of money making and dips into web design.

If you know a good bit about, for example, internet security, perhaps you should set-up a blog on that as well as your current blog, just as something els to do online. I find that when I post another article on a website, then come back to my own blog, I find it easier to write longer-articles.


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