How to earn $100 / hour


If you can get somebody to pay $7.99 for one month of hosting, you can earn yourself $100 for doing so!
Welcome to the world of website affilate marketing, the thing is, it’s such a easy task to do.

Step 1. You need to sign up here

Step 2. Log into your account

Step 3. Find out what your affilate link is

Step 4. Now you need to advertise this link.

Now this is where the “effort” part comes into the whole process, but the thing is, if you find one person to buy webhosting, every day, thats $700/week and $3,000+/month! Seeing as if you know where to go, finding somebody to buy webhosting is a simple task and wont take too long, some people average $200/hour! You try finding a real-life job which pays that well for advertising!

Your best bet, is web hosting/design forums, just stick a bannar/link in your signature and post and when you see “where can i buy cheap webhosting?” tell them to go your affilate link, this is also known as direct marketing, more on this later. You want to think of a good title, such as “Unbeliveabley Cheap Webhosting!” etc.

You can go into direct marketing by helping “newbies” to setup their first-website (Your getting $100, half a hour helping them won’t hurt!) – People new to creating a website will need a webhost and will useally go for the first one they see which is a good deal, which will be yours! As I said before, keep a eye out for topics!

Yahoo Questions/Yahoo Groups/Google Groups promotion can gain a lot of signups if you know what your doing, but I don’t want to get too into this in this article.

Torrent Advertising, if you know how to do it, just add in a text-file or something, just promoting cheap web hosting, with say a script-pack or whatnot.

1 Sign up/hour = $100/hour.
You can do the rest of the math.


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