T Shirt Affilate Marketing Taking Over Myspace?


In the past year or so, I have noticed myself that websites which allow users to create / Design their on t-shirts so they can sell them in a affilate marketing system (They accept payments, then pay you, they do all the postage and what not) has taken over Myspace by strom recently.

The question is, why has it? The main reason, Myspace “whores” (People who have a lot of friends on myspace, 10,000+) useally fall into the streotype group “emo”, for this style, you were unique non-branded clothing lines, for example the kind which you can only get online and it’s made by somebody you’ve never heard of before, with a unique design.

People have taken this as a marketing plan and some simple pre-made estores have turned into companies, just from selling on Myspace and via MSN. The only problem with it now is, their are so many differnt people trying to do it, it’s either a investment, or just a long-time trying to take your buiness off.

I have bought some t-shirts I have seen online in the past, the fact that the t-shirt idea, went into hoodies, jackets, coats, mugs, posters.

Affilate marketing is growing fast!


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