Starting a blog off


I’m going to be totally honest, starting a blog off is a very hard, annoying, long process. It can take a lot of time and effort just to get a few visitors to your website, but you want them to check back and have a average view count per day.

The best advice I can give is, before you even create your blog, make sure you are able to make at least one blog-post a day, by this I mean, you have the topic idea in your mind; Now write down every topic title / idea which you have and see how many you can come up with.

On the day your blog opens, you want to have at least ten articles so visitors have a good amount of content to read from the start, then you want to make at least one new blog-post per day which is at least 250 characters long. Now sometimes I sit on my desk, with my laptop and I can’t think of anything to type on my blog, so I look for insperation.

You should only need to do this after you have at least 30 articles on your website and you’ve just ran out of things to post; If you cannot do this, then really, you don’t know engouth about the blogs niche to have a blog on it, but you can do it anyway, you just won’t enjoy blogging as much.

The main issue I’ve always had with blogging, is updating content, some days, like today, I’m totally fine with writing long articles, other days I can’t even bare to turn my laptop on, because to be quite honest, I just can’t be botherd, but if you want to run a blog/website, you need to put in the hours in order to get it going.

After about a week of hourless blog related internet time, I’ve managed to be able to gain a few unique hits a day without having to do anything, I can just leave my blog there and gain hits, no advertising what so ever, this is what ever webmaster/blogger wants.

Now the best way to gain this, would simply to be, spend ages advertising on website bookmarking websites, adding your website to search websites, posting on forums etc. Then the traffic just rolls in quickly, then it drops a lot the next day, but you still gain a few hits every day.

Once your gaining at least 5 unique hits a day, without having to do anything, you’ve really just started off your blog, now you need to look into keeping your blog updated and gaining more unique views/day.


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