How should you plan your website?


A lot of people say that planning a website is the most important part of website design and creation, I have to agree. Planning your website is a must. Every single website which I haven’t planned out before has always failed, why? Because I didn’t think about what I was going to do, how I was going to do it, so in the end, I just had wasted-domains, the hosting account’s didnt matter, because they are always useful to have.

For example my plan for this blog was quite simple.

  • Post articles about things I am interested in.
  • When I learn something new, post it on my blog.
  • My main source of traffic is webmaster forums.

I’m in the process of planning out a new website, which should earn a fair amount of income, it hasn’t been a single day planning yet and I’ve only scatched the surface with text documents on my work-laptop, it’s a very simple idea, but it involes marketing and investment, payment processing and what not, in order to make it a sucess, I need to plan out:

  • What’s the site is about, so I can stay on topic and remind myself what the idea was.
  • How the website is going work
  • How I am going to make money from it.
  • How I am going to market my product
  • How I am going to deliver my product
  • How I am going to gain my product.
  • How I am going to make it as automatic as possible.
  • How I am going to advertise

It’s a lot to write down and explain, I already know all of the answers to those questions, but as I write them down, from what I thought, they change a lot becuase after some research, I find out that their is another way of doing it and it’s easier, or more sucessfull.

Before you even start designing your website, you need to know exactly what your going to do.


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