Why do webmasters buy content and not write it themselves?


This is a question that I’ve always wanted to know the answer to, the only time I would ever buy content from another person is if I was going to sell it on for more (Also known as outsourcing contacts, we have a section on it) – But why do webmasters buy content, why can’t they write it themselves?

I can tell you now, this blog is based on making money/web design, as you already know, these are topics which interest me, so I don’t mind spending time writing articles. I post at least 1 new article every day, I usually end up posting 3-6 articles every single day, now that is quite a lot, most people just post a single article every day to make it seem updated.

I prefer to write about something different every day, when I’m bored I know I can just go onto my blog and make a new article about something, obvisouly some days I can’t write quite long articles (As you can probably tell from ealier posts) – But I always post at least once a day.

Now this is what every website should do really, so we’ve worked out that websites need content, great. Now the question is. Why do webmasters pay for it?

Now, my guess is, it’s just money taken out of the profit from that month, so it’s got content for next-month, to gain more traffic to make money back, which is quite a risky buiness to be honest, but ok, I can see how they get the money for it and fair engouth.

But why won’t they write it themselves? Now I had a article writing job on Diabeites at one point and I asked the person a question related to it they replied “i dont know, sorry” and it was quite a general question about it, but the webmaster didn’t know. The reason for this, as far as I know, the webmaster just ran the website from buying content because it was a good niche to start off with.

These kind of people really annoy me. Why on earth have a website your not interested in? It’s not all about money really is it, I run this blog for fun and it’s just something I do.

This is turning into a slight rant, but still, just have a think about it, is that what the internet is comming to, all websites want to make money now.

It’s getting rather annoying.


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