Some more basic tags!


HTML works in a very simple format of using tags, for example <b>bold</b>, you just need to learn about these tags and how to use them and you can code HTML very easily!

<BR> – This tells your browser to go to the next line down, for example when you want to start a new line.

<P> – This tells your browser to go down two-lines to start a new paragraph, you can also wrap using this tag, for example <P> Paragraph here, blah blah blah </P> – That would identify that as a paragraph.

<HR> – This basicly puts a horizontal line across the page. As in your starting something new on that webpage.

Now onto the primary HTML tags.

<HTML> </HTML> – Every HTML document needs these two tags, it says that this is HTML, then the </ says that it’s no longer vaild, as in it’s ended, so anything after that isn’t HTML.

With HTML, their are two types of tag. A opening tag, like <HTML> and a closing tag like </HTML> – You need to remember to open/close all tags correctly!

Heres my basic webpage:

8.Some text here!

Now what does what?

1. This is a opening HTML tag. <HTML>

2. This is the opening HEAD tag, this is used to identify the head of the document. <HEAD>

3. This is the opening TITLE tag, text within here is displayed in the taskbar/toolbar. <TITLE>

4. This is the website title text.

5. This is the closing TITLE tag, text within the tags here is displayed in the taskbar/toolbar </TITLE>

6. This is closing the HEAD tag, this means no more information will apply to the document settings </HEAD>

7. This is opening the BODY tag, this means it’s the document display body. <BODY>

8. This is the text displayed on the webpage

9. This is the closing BODY tag, this means it ends the documents display body. </BODY>

10. This is closing HTML tag, this means it’s the end of the HTML document. </HTML>


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