250 Word Articles? + Traffic increase!


I’ve just decided I’m going to alter all my last-blog posts to make sure that they are all over 250 words, why? Because I know I can go into much more detail in all of my blog posts to get at least 250 words and a post without 250 words is just pointless to be honest.

Another reason being, I think it’s much better it have a set goal of words per article, instead of just stopping when I run out of things to type, I have to rethink, rewrite and edit the article I post, which will mean that you get better content overall.

On day one we gained 36 unique hits, then it dropped right down to as low as 6 unique hits, which I was disapointed in, so I decided to try out a few things and I’ve managed to gain 19 hits to do, which I’m quite happy with seeing as I didn’t do anything until today.

I’ve been submiting articles to websites, adding to Digg etc, it’s giving us a lot more traffic and I’m really pleased with gaining 19 hits without doing anything to improve that, hopefully we’ll be able to shoot back up to a 30 unique hit/day average.

To help this out, I decided to add in “making money with a website” and what not, will will include making money with websites, coding, different methods, it’s just opened another door to a much bigger house (As in a much wider appeal to users)

It would be good if you could add this blog to your website, we’re accepting link exchanges, so you can do that, just tell your friends and try to help out as much as you can!


One Response to “250 Word Articles? + Traffic increase!”

  1. Thanks, keep up your great post !

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