On-Page Optimization


This is related to optimization which is done on your website.
Friendly URLS. For example:
Will have better optimization then:
Spiders look for keywords in the URL as well as the page! Remember that!

The title has a lot, spiders also take the title as a keyword, a major one, so you want titles which do contain keywords to your page/website. For example. “On-Page Optimization – Make Quick Money Online” which is what this page is about, the topic of the post and my keywords for my blog in general, so both are added as keywords.

META keywords, their not as useful as they used to be, but you should still add in the keywords & desc meta tags. You can find more about this in a HTML META tag guide (Ill be writing one soon)

Anchor text, when you have a link on another website, use the same link, like my anchor text is “Make Quick Money Online”, that text would be a link to my site, I use it when link exchanging etc.

Keyword Density of %6-7 is good for every website, this is what you want to aim for, but not to spam your keywords, it makes it look ugly and will effect you rank in a negative way.

– On images, on the alt tag, put some keywords
– Redirects aren’t useful, if you have to, use a 301 redirect.
– Copying over websites content just damages your websites ranking.
– Over-typing keywords effects your website ranking, so dont do it!
– Avoide using frames/iFrames, spiders dislike them!
– Avoide using Flash, spiders cant read it!


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