Introduction to HTML


HTML stands for hyper text markup language

Let’s break that down a bit more.

You’ll of probably heard this word used in a term of “Hyperactive” for example “A hyperactive child”, or “a hyper child”, which is basicly saying the child is a very active child and when you have a amount of sugar you’ve given a rush of enegy and become “hyper”. Hyper means the opisit of “linear” which means you must do things a certain way, the opisit means you don’t have to do anything in order, you can browse anything on the internet, you don’t have to have a order (That’s what this is saying)

We are working with text-only files, when editing a HTML file, it’s only text, you can’t see any images etc.

To make a website, you need to “markup” the text from the HTML code, otherwise you’d see the tags everywhere and it just wouldn’t look good.

HTML is the main webpage language, other languages such as PHP just translate the PHP into HTML (When the exention of the page is .PHP), although PHP isn’t really a webpage language, more webscripting for blogs etc.

HTML is really used to describe the structure of the page, by showing where text should be placed and formated, for example in the centre and bold text, so you can embed images/videos into your page, so you can view the page how the HTML coder wanted it to be displayed in the first place.

That pretty much sums up the introduction to HTML, it’s quite useful information to understand about what the language stands for.


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