How to market your eBook


Their are three main ways to sell your eBook
– On a website.
– To another website (You can get money/sale or you sell it to them and they can sell it on)
– Sell it yourself, on instant messengers and forums.

I’ll start with selling it on your own website, now I wouldn’t suggest this to start off with, but if you’ve already made some money from selling you eBook using other-methods, then you could invest in this. As long as you’ve made about $10 to start with to invest and make about $5.00 for selling it, then you should be alright.

You really just want a single-page, “sale page”. For example this sale page:
You want something alike that, different content, but same payment system, after their paid, you get taken to a download-page and then you can download the eBook.

Now a lot of SEO/Advertising is involed in this method, but it’s usefull all the time, because then you don’t have to handle the money / send the eBook, it’s all done automaticly, so I suggest if you know what your doing, you should do this.

Now you can always sell your eBook with resell rights to eBook shops online, just email the owner of them and ask them to add you eBook and you’ll sell it to them for double the price of what your selling it for, two sales and their making profit, so it’s good for them!

Now selling on forums is a annoying process because you have to get them to send the money, then you need to reply with the eBook and you want to get a good-name for you service, so you have to do it all quite quickly, which is why a website is better.

You want to sum up what your eBook is about, list everything it explains and give a price for it, now the great thing about forums is, it’s a great place to find reviews, if you half the price of your ebook, say $10 to $5, sell 10 copies for $5.00 and they have to write a review on the product.

This review can be used to show people interested how good/bad you eBook is and they look good on your website. I try to always give a review, I’ve got one posted about 2DollarSecert if you want to read that, it’s short but at least it helps out the maker get some more sales.


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