How do you make money from your website?


Their are two primary ways which you can make money from your website:
– Building a website up & selling it
– Advertising for other people, using adsence etc.

Now if you build up a website which earns $100/month for say two months, that’ll sell for $200 give or take, because in three months the new owner will have their money back and most of the time they earn even more. People who can a lot of money from websites, generally buy websites and get more traffic/money from them. It’s a boring process starting up a website (I know from first hand experience, the hours I’ve spent advertising this blog)

You can earn like $0.10/click, get 10 clicks, a dollar etc. People earn a lot of money this way, but along with PTC schemes, you can also post reviews about peoples websites on your blog/website and earn a few extra-dollars.

Now if we go into making money from your blog, this is a differnt question really, because you can apply both above, but their are websites where they will pay you to write reviwes and post them on your blog, I havnt’ looked into them myself, although I’ve been told people with popular blogs are earning a lot of money from doing this and it’s not even very hard.

“Post a review on this website, then we’ll give you $5.00”, basicly $5.00 for a 200 word review on a website, it’s not bad to be honest. I wouldn’t mind looking into something like this, but at the moment, the blog wouldn’t be accepted due to the post-count, tags, backlinks, number of unique hits a day and the search ranking.


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