Getting started with HTML


To get started with HTML, you need to know the following information!

A folder, also known as a “dir” which stands for directory.
You should setup a folder to hold all of the files for that website, so all the HTML files, images etc. This will make everything a lot more orginised and it makes it much easier to upload your website when you’ve completed it.

You don’t need a internet connection to design your website!
You can edit your website without the internet, preivew it etc. If you want to use PHP/MySQL etc. You need to download them and install them onto your PC in order for you PC to act as a server to process the data.

You need a web browser!
I’d suggest using Firefox/IE, you need these to preview your website!

You need a text editor!
I suggest you use MS Notepad, it’s the best application to type out HTML code by hand, you can also use applications like MS Frontpage and Dreamweaver (Their are many others), but I prefer to learn the language myself and type out all of the code by hand.

I suggest you run Notepad and your browser at the same time, so you can easily swap between them, so whenever you change something on your webpage, you can just refresh the file in your browser and see what happend, how it looks etc. Then you can swap back and fix a error or carry on coding your webpage!

Make sure you don’t use spaces in your HTML file names, if you must have a space, use a underscore (_). This is because webservers/domain providers change the space into something like “%020”, which means that search spiders will have trouble picking up the URL and grabbing keywords (More on this in SEO articles)

Remember when saving the file, you should always save it as “.HTML” or “.HTM”. I prefer to use “.HTML” myself, but you need to pick one and keep to it, it’s annoying when websites have “.HTM” one page, then “.HTML” the other.


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