What to use to create your eBook?


Most people use Microsoft word, but this means it’s easy to change/edit/steal your eBook, so I suggest you use protected PDFS.  I suggest you use a CutePDF. ( http://www.cutepdf.com ) The reason for this being, you can’t easily edit a PDF file, plus PDF files include the images and everything all compressed, unlike word, it’s easier to use and I think their a lot more professinal.

You want to place a copyright notice in the header/footer of each page, perhaps saying a web URL, or you real people, or some kind of contact detail, you can also advertise peoples website here if you want to earn even more money, you’ll probably not get too much, maybe $1.00 for 1,000 downloads of your eBook, but 1,000 downloads at $1.00 per sale, is $1,000 – So $1.00 isn’t really a lot, so I don’t see much point, but some people do still do it.

I suggest you stick your websites link here myself, because then you can gain some traffic from it and the people also know where the eBook came from, they know theirs a blog about it and if you writing about something related to your blog, ie money-making, the chances are they are going to check out your blog to see if they can get any free information (Which you can here).

Running a blog myself, I don’t mind people stealing my eBooks so I use MS word, the reason behind it is, after I sell a eBook, give it a week or two, most of the content will be posted on this blog anyway. At the end of the day, you can find any content of an ebook, somewhere online, it’s just sometimes really hard to find it.


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