eBook Writing


You need to find a eBook topic that people will pay for, for example money-making guides that offer you the chance to make your money back within 24 hours or so are great-hits. The great thing about ebooks is, you can resell them again and again.

I’d suggest you selling them on Forums and websites. Collect the payment before hand and just send them the eBook after you accepted the payment. Simple eh? You can read more about marketing your eBook in another article I have written.

The thing about a eBook is, you want to go to the point, have the most information possible and at least try to explain everything as best as you can, people don’t want to read 100 pages of information, so why bother writing that much if their not even going to read it?

I’d say 10-20 pages on a PDF reader is engouth for a good eBook, any more then that I personally get bored. As I’ve already said, it’s marketing, you need to find a way of contacting people who will want to buy you eBook.

Money making book? Check out money making forums/blogs/websites.
Cooking book? Check out cooking forums/blogs/websites.

That’s really how it goes, but I suggest you keep to a certain topic in your eBooks, so you know where to go to sell your eBooks, if you don’t sell many, prehaps changing the topic/content of the sales-post. Maybe look into other peoples sale pages who are getting a lot of sales and see what the differences are.


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