Why forum posting is always in demand?


Forum posting is always in demand, because forum-owners need to get some posts / topics started in order for their fourm to take off and can’t be botherd to create account’s and post their self (Which would be easier becuase they know a lot about the niche).

The reason not a lot of people accept forum posting jobs is, you need to know a lot of the niche to even post, but it helps if you a pick niche you enjoy posting about; For example, I wouldn’t mind posting on a money-making forum because, as you can tell, I know a bit about it and I enjoy writing about it (Which is why I have a blog on it)

Your better off looking for certin forum-posting jobs on niche which you think you’ll enjoy writing about and don’t accept long-term jobs, becuase I’d prefer quick-money, not having to post 10 times/day for a month to get paid $30.00 – Because I know I could easily earn that in a few differnt jobs then on one single job.

It’s up to what you prefer, long jobs or short-jobs. You will earn more with long-jobs in the long-run though.

Most forums after they gain a good amount of active members, they no longer need to pay people to post, the forum members just pots because they want to, but Warez forums don’t seem to get this anymore, only major forums, like Warez-BB seem to get people who will willing post warez without wanting anything in return, so Warez forums are always looking for content on their warez-forum, because it can take a lot of time and they really want 10+ fresh downloads in each section every day, thats about 70 posts on most warez-forums, thats about a hour or two work of just copy/pasting and running a forum takes up a lot of time!


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