What to coach somebody on?


This is the hardest part about coaching, you need to find something which you can teach over the internet, so a internet related topic, most people pick how to make money online, because it’s useally taught over the internet anyway and it’s a easy topic to explain.

You basicly just need to answer questions, which you can find the answers to on Google anyway, so that’s not hard and for the information bit about making money online, this blog is basicly my coaching all my visitors on how to make money, so I suppose you could just rewrite my articles to them.

You can earn alot of money if you get your hands on a $1000/in a day shceme, which have been going around for a while and are getting a lot of sales and a lot of good reviews at the moment, so their not all a scam.

With coaching, you need to basicly setup a time when you can coach them and how much the full course costs, I’d suggest that if they don’t make their money back within a week of working with a report of their progress (Written by themselves), then you’ll give them a refund, I’d only charage give or take $25 per person.

You can easily earn $25 back, it’s just like writing a 2500 word article, if that takes them a week, then they started trying to make money online too early, because anyone who types 2500 words in a week needs to learn a keybored.


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