What is affilate marketing?


Affiliate marketing, is basicly online-marketing, it’s the same thing near engouth, although with affillate marketing, you sell the products for a company, which isn’t your own company, they handle all the shipping, payment, complaints. You get paid for every sale you make, for example, if a digital camera is $100, you sell it for $150 on your website, you get the $50, they do all the postage and what not.

It’s a brilliant way to run your own online shop and you can earn a lot of money from it, although if you afford to start up with a warehouse and what not to hold all of the prodoucts which you can sell, you can always setup your own website, or even your own affiliate marketing scheme.

The problem with affiliate marketing now is, most people know about it, so they know just to go to a provider right away, not from somebody whos selling products for them, because that means they have to spend more money, it was best to start this when not many people knew about affilate marketing, you could of made a lot more money then what you are now.

Although saying that, some people earn $100 every day of the week from their affilate marketing website because of their good business advertising plan and SEO skills, which is another main key when affilate marketing, have a plan; You need to know where your going to get traffic from and who your going to sell products to and where abouts they are, like people in China? Or maybe a child down your road?


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