What are backlinks?


Back links are basically a link back to your website on another website. Whenever Google finds a “back link” it’s added to a list and the more back links you have the higher page rank you are given, they are also useful to gain more traffic from the website in the first place.

The most comment way of gaining back links is posting on forums / blogs with your website URL in your signature and profile. Although there are plenty of other ways, such as posting on social networking websites, book marking websites etc, here is a list of ways to get back links.

  • “Affiliate” systems with other websites.
  • Posting on the forum with a link back to your website in your signature.
  • Posting on blogs related to your website, make sure that no follow is off.
  • Posting on social networking websites. Such as Myspace.
  • Posting a URL back to your website in YouTube videos.

Basically anywhere on the internet where you can advertise will gain you a back link, this is all part of SEO, now the more you do this, the more traffic you’ll get, you can employ people do this for you don’t have the time.

The idea of a back link is to gain more traffic, but also search websites improve you ranking if you have a lot of back links, which is why they are so great, I suggest you advertise on forums related to your website and webmaster forums.

For example, your website is about Football news, then go to a Football forum and start posting advertising your website, then people ask questions, you can refer to your website for a source to gain even more back links and traffic.

You can also post on webmaster forums, which means you can discuss about your website, how to improve it, any questions you might have and you can even find out some new stuff you didn’t know. I suggest going to http://forum.digitalpoint.com for webmaster related discussion.


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