Online Marketing


Internet marketing, also known as online marketing, eMarketing and web marketing, is basically marketing, or selling products or services online, over the internet. Thanks to the internet, marketing has a whole new level, instead of going to a shop to buy your food for the week; you can do it all online and get it bought to your house!

Internet marketing is much more complicated then it seems, you can’t just stick some products online and get a few people to buy them, you need to stand out, doing this by yourself can be unbelievably hard, which is where affiliate marketing comes in, but that’s in another article.

The main things you need to remember with internet marketing are:

  • Advertisement.
  • Your products or services
  • What makes your website different
  • Designing
  • Software

Advertising is something which you need to remember while internet marketing, the reason being, you can advertise as much as you like, but it’s pointless if you don’t advertise to people which are interested in your product or service.

You want to have a good selection of products and services which are going to be related to each other, “random products” websites often fail and are just pointless because you can appeal to such a large number of people, it’s hard to advertise to people which will buy items, if you have 100 digital cameras, you’ve got a better chance selling to somebody interested in buying one, then if you have 1 digital camera and loads of other stuff.

Your website needs to be different, a nice design, nice colors, easy to read content etc. It’s vital that you stand out from all the other websites these days, otherwise you’ll just fail. Make sure it’s easy to find a product and you have a wide-range of products for each category, if you are going to have a loads of different products, make sure you have as many products as you can in each category, this increases the chance of a sale, but a lot.

Software, it’s important that you use top of the line software, otherwise theirs too much of a chance you’ll get exploited using free software, which gives the public a really unprofessional image on your company.


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