How to write articles on something you know nothing about?


When article writing, you should always accept jobs, even if you don’t know about the topic, the reason why? You can easily research the topic on Google, for example if it’s on Cooking, you can just google Cooking and find loads of information, just read it and type it up in  your own words.

This is why some people earn a lot of money writing articles and others, who only work for certin niches do not get paid as much.

People with “hard to write” niches about topics which aren’t found on the internet very often will pay a lot more for a article, then somebody wanting to buy a article on affilate marketing, their are so many different articles already on the internet, it’s not hard to get the information to write the article.

Plus due to the niche, not many people will write, therefore the price increases to find somebody to write it, let alone the fact it’s already higher because it’s a annoying niche to write. It’s good to be able to bulk out articles nicely when writing on something you don’t know a lot about, because it can save a lot of researching time.

I would suggest you always double check your sources, because you won’t get paid if you give a load of false information about a niche, the owner should be able to tell if it’s real information or just a load of made up stuff from your head and if they can’t, shows how much they know about their own websites niche.


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