Bulking Out Articles


This is the hardest part, you really want to the article as long as possible, once  you’ve finished the article, re-read it and try to make everything “longer”. This is a primary skill when bulking out articles, for example “2” can be replaced with “two”.

It’s a skill, I’m quite good at it myself, but you can re-read a article a number of times before you cannot figure out how to bulk it out anymore, you can always just carry on paragraphs, just adding in a bit more information in a number of words.

You can find applications which bulk out articles for you, it’s useful to run a application on a article, then just edit it because it’ll make a lot of mistakes, but I’ve found that it helps out a lot. I also suggest you split it into a number of paragraphs, then just add a bit onto each paragraph. It’s easier then just creating one huge paragraph.

If your skilled at bulking out articles, you are able to get quite a bit of quick cash from being able to do it quickly, because people will pay say $5.00 for 100 word article, but $10 for 200 word article, if you can write 100 word article, then bulk it out to 200 words, you can double your money and bulking out is much faster then writing two articles.

Please note: I have no idea how much you can earn for articles anymore, the price keeps going from high to low, it’s a risky market, but it changes daily, sometimes I can get a lot, other times not much.


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