Affilate Marketing


Affiliate marketing is much alike internet marketing, although instead of having to get a hold of the product or service yourself, a company will give you a share for selling the product.

If you buy a camera for £100, you can sell it for £150 yourself, it’s hard to sell it at this price, its £50 profit.

If a company sells the camera for £50, you sell it for £150; you make an extra £50, for the exact same amount of work.

Which is why affiliate marketing as more websites then internet marketing, the downside is, your limited to what you can sell and also, you don’t get all of the money yourself, if you can afford to buy 1,000 cameras for example, then your better off going with internet marketing, if you don’t want to handle the goods yourself, go with affiliate marketing.

A customer goes to your website, which then sells the product and then sells the brand that you sold the product, they then send your payment and ship the item, so you just have to find customers, no marketing plan etc.

I personally believe that affiliate marketing is the way forward as far as online marketing from home goes, but for company owners selling products, I suggest you read some internet marketing articles, not affiliate marketing articles.

The main concept of this is, you get paid to sell products for a company, like you’re their staff-member, but you work from home and in your own time. Which is why a lot of people who want to work from home go with this option, if you know what to do, you can make a lot of people out of this.

Unlike with internet marketing, you only need to worry about getting people to buy the product, not prices (Not really), what products you can offer, where you can store the products, shipping the products and customer complaints.

When looking for a website with a affiliate system, think about how you want to be paid, some websites offer you “points” which can be traded for their products, I’ve found out that if you do this, then sell the products, it’s possible to make a small amount more money.


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