Article Writing


When I first started making money online, this was my main method of income, becuase it’s always in demand. Why? Because a website needs unique content, if the website is earning engouth to spend a few dollars here and there to get updated content, why would the webmaster waste some time writing articles? Sometimes they don’t even know anything about the topic of their website, just that it’s a good niche to have a website on.

Finding people to pay you to write articles isn’t very hard on Digital Point forums, I’d suggest always accepting bulk orders (A number of articles at once) from a single employer, becuase somedays you will not be able to find anybody who needs articles, other days you’ll have too much work to do.

When writing bulk articles, you earn the same amount as you would anyway, useally more because it’s bulk content, but you earn the money in a bulk chunk, not lots of small payouts, one large payout. Along with this, article writing in bulk is a great way to improve your knowagle in that subject, your learning as your writing.

Always accept jobs! That’s a key factor in this kind of money-making, if you don’t know anything about the topic, use Google to find out some information and just rewrite it, much alike you would do for your homework, it’s research.

Heres a idea of how much you can earn. $0.01 per word at cheap rate, which means 1,000 word article will earn  you $10.00 and won’t take more then a hour to write, that’s over $10.00 per hour, which isn’t bad, but it’s not really that much, prehaps you could get a real-life job with the same payment, but as I said, this blog doesn’t cover major money-making schemes and methods, because almost of them require you to have a website.

This is just for spare-cash really.


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