Long Term Work is better if you enjoy writing about the niche, for example if you enjoy writing about tech, find somebody who needs daily articles for their tech-blog, you enjoy writing it and your also earning quite a bit of money by doing so. I write for $0.01/per word and I’m earning $30+/week from writing 3 articles per day in my spare time.

Most webmasters are always looking for long term workers, so you should always mention that you are able to work for a longer period of time, most webmasters are fine with sending you weekly/monthly payments for that weeks/months work, which is also another great way to do so.

If I was to write for 10 websites, 3 times a day each, I would earn $300+/week, now this may not seem a lot, but it’s 3000 words I have to write, to earn myself a nice $300/week. Now if you can earn this kind of money, in two weeks you’ve got engouth to invest into a website of some sort and then your able to start off your full-time online career.

This is one of the reasons I love article-writing, simply because, it’s a great way to start off online-work!


I’ll start by defining the word “Testimonials”.

In promotion and of advertising, a testimonial or endorsement consists of a written or spoken statement, sometimes from a public figure, sometimes from a private citizen, extolling the virtue of some product. The term “testimonial” most commonly applies to the sales-pitches attributed to ordinary citizens, whereas “endorsement” usually applies to pitches by celebrities.

Now I’ll break that down into a single sentence. A testimonial is basicly a short review of the product used to advertise it. Now pretend your a client, you see 100 positive testimonial’s on a website, will this you consider the product more or less? Now this is a two-sided debate.

– Yes, it’s got a lot of good reviews
– No, it’s got reviews on the page, surely they don’t need them if the product is worth buying?

I can’t see why many people would think “No” and anyone who does, doesn’t understand marketing, at all.

Whenever you sell a product, ask the client for a short testimonial / review on the product, then just add it to your website/blog/page, I suggest a side-bar just for testimonial’s.

Here is some legal advice
Do not, under any circumstances, make them up. Its not only illegal, but immoral as well, if you do get caught doing this, watch out.

For my example, I posted a short comment on a article on another blog, with a page rank of 4 / Alexa ranking of 1,465,263 this morning and now, I’ve already gained 3 unique hits from a 30 second posting job.

You do gain traffic from posting on other people blogs, although you will not gain a lot of traffic from posting one or two comments, you really need to pots quite a lot. I average 3 hits/blog, so 100 blog comments is 300 unique hits, 1,000 blog comments is 3,000 unique hits.

This may not be per day, but you can always gain more traffic a month after you made the comments.

I suggest you check out this site here – It’s got some great deals on proxy-hosting, but your bandwidth will be used very quickly, so if you do get a lot of traffic, you will need to be prepared for it and you will need to have a way of making money from your proxy before you even start to advertise.

A proxy network, is basicly a number of different proxy-websites, hosted under different IP addresses/domain names (Filters block the domain and most of the time the IP as well)

You useally have a “home” page, where you type in the web page, then your redirected to one of the proxy websites, this means you can run 100 proxy websites and only need to submit one to top sites and what not (More on this in another post)

The keyword “Proxy” is used a lot in Google, so SEO is a failing method of gaining traffic to your proxy, the main methods at the moment as I see is, off-line advertising (Telling your friends, “go to http://www.site.com you go on myspace at school/work/collage”) and toplists – If you can get your website on #1 on a toplist the amount of traffic you will gain is unrealistic.

Every month there are more and more proxy websites created on the internet, the reason for their being so many to provide the same service is, once a Proxy has been “discoverd” by school/collage/work filters, it becomes blocked, so the targeted users move onto a new proxy, so they are always changing around proxies, because of this, they are also a great way to make money.

Proxy websites do take a while to setup, which is why more and more people are creating “proxy-networks”, which I’ll go into more detail in another article on them.

There will always be a demand for proxy websites, so it’s a great niche to go into.

More and more people are getting into “niche blogging”, which is basicly creating a blog on a very specific topic, packing it with information, submiting it to Stumble/Digg, adding some Keywords/tags and leaving it to run. Now the great thing about this is, if you do it correctly, the blog will just gain traffic, not at a very fast-rate, but it’ll gain traffic.

The annoying part about this is, you really want to update all of your blogs at least once a day, that’s quite hard when you have ran out of information to say, which is very easy to do with Niche-blogging because it only covers one topic, unlike this blog which covers money making, all the methods of money making and dips into web design.

If you know a good bit about, for example, internet security, perhaps you should set-up a blog on that as well as your current blog, just as something els to do online. I find that when I post another article on a website, then come back to my own blog, I find it easier to write longer-articles.